What We Do

EDW is the lead economic development agency for Winnipeg. EDW facilitates investment promotion and attraction, capacity building, marketing and the management of market information. EDW leads global investment attraction, and local business retention and expansion, with its YES! Winnipeg initiative. EDW is also responsible for the city’s tourism development activities, which it orchestrates through its Tourism Winnipeg division. Its mission is to facilitate a healthy, prosperous, responsible and fully integrated tourism industry that enhances Winnipeg’s economic growth.

Our Workplace

To ensure we deliver on our mandate, we’re staffed with talented professionals engaged in critical projects spanning a variety of specialty areas and interests. Ours is a fast-paced, client-focused and results-oriented workplace that is always pushing the envelope of what’s possible because we want our city to be ‘top of mind’ for workers, visitors, business owners and investors alike.

Apply Today

If you’re passionate about Winnipeg and want to help our city continue to thrive, we would welcome your application to join our team. We’re looking for candidates with exceptional written and verbal communication skills who enjoy working with multiple internal and external stakeholders and are attracted to the economic development space.  Can you ‘think big’ without losing sight of details along the way? Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact within our city and region? If so, you may find we’re a great fit.

Thank you for exploring career options with us. And please remember to check back regularly for new career openings, which will be posted as they become available.

Currrent Openings

Regrettably, there are no openings at this time.