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Winnipeg’s got some great stories to tell the world. Stories we believe have genuine national/international appeal.

To help us do this, we encourage media professionals within various disciplines—journalists, freelance writers, radio and television broadcasters/producers, etc.—to read through the 11 concepts currently presented, then get in touch with EDW so we can help put you in touch with the applicable stakeholders who can help shape your own Winnipeg angle.

We’re here to help you tell your story about our great city. The world is taking notice of Winnipeg in ways not felt for decades, and we want this momentum to continue and grow. So if you’ll help us do this, we’ll help you in whatever ways we can.

A brief explanation of our most compelling story concepts is presented below, but to get the best sense of why we believe these stories should be told, take a look at the EDW-authored ‘Angles and Insights’ brochure also found on this page. Each of the 11 short articles presented inside will give you plenty of fodder for deciding how your own Winnipeg story should take shape.

What’s Happening Here?

After considering the following topics, we’re convinced you’ll find something that really resonates with the kinds of stories you want to tell.

  1. AssentWorks: A Leading Makerspace for Local Entrepreneurs
    Winnipeg’s first-ever makerspace—a shared space where people can come together and collaborate while sharing tools, resources and knowledge—AssentWorks is experiencing continued growth thanks to its ability to nurture untapped skilled labour pools and retain talent in Winnipeg.
  2. CentrePort Canada: Canada’s Official Inland Port
    Spanning 20,000 acres, CentrePort Canada is one of North America’s largest inland ports and foreign trade zones, offering direct access to tri-modal transportation that includes rail, truck and air cargo.
  3. CentreVenture Development Corporation: Building a Better Future for Everyone
    CentreVenture’s unique ability to identify opportunities, implement strategies and create partnerships has proven instrumental in the transformation of downtown Winnipeg—one brick at time, one block at a time.
  4. Biocomposites and Beyond: CIC’s Impressive Impact
    The Composites Innovation Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is at the forefront of groundbreaking technologies set to forever alter the future of composites engineering.
  5. Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship: A Successful Co-Work Space
    In partnership with Manitoba Music, the Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba (ACI) has established a centre for creative entrepreneurship in the heart of Winnipeg’s Exchange District, connecting people across Manitoba’s creative industries sector to support professional development and business success.
  6. Forks North Portage: Building the Future
    Few would recognize The Forks from its days as a CN rail yard 30 years ago. Today, The Forks attracts more than four million visitors annually as a restaurant, shopping and entertainment destination.
  7. GE Aviation Engine Testing Research & Development Centre: Fueling Growth
    StandardAero recently partnered with General Electric in establishing the GE Aviation Engine Testing Research & Development Centre. Recognized in 2012 with a Canadian American Business Achievement Award, GE designed and built the $50-million, 120,000-square-foot facility situated at the northwest outskirts of the airport runways.
  8. The National Microbiology Laboratory: Nucleus of Scientific Discovery
    The National Microbiology Laboratory is a one-of-a-kind institution in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, owned and operated by the Government of Canada. The scientific teams at the helm of the facility are considered world-renowned authorities within their respective fields.
  9. French Fries as Fuel? How The Forks Feeds Economic Growth
    The Forks remains progressive in its thinking, thanks to an impressive initiative well underway called “Target Zero,” which aims to achieve zero garbage output, zero water consumption and zero carbon emissions via its intensive recycling efforts. Results to date have been nothing short of remarkable.
  10. Top Marks for the University of Winnipeg
    The University of Winnipeg (UWinnipeg) is making sizeable contributions to the local economy these days. Increases in student enrolment, new undergraduate and master’s programming, and $217 million in infrastructure investments is helping to anchor a downtown renaissance. 
  11. Winnipeg Airports Authority: Flying High
    Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc. (WAA) is the community-based, non-share capital corporation that oversees day-to-day operations of the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. Since opening, Winnipeg’s new airport has attracted international attention for its welcoming design, continued growth and improvements to customer service.