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How Winnipeg focused on local strengths to create a tech hub in central Canada
Tech Crunch: April 4, 2017 The brick warehouses that line Winnipeg’s Exchange District, the business district for this city in the middle of Canada, look the same as they did in the mid-nineteenth century, but commodity traders and grain transporters have moved out and tech companies have moved in.
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Construction begins on major upgrade to GE jet engine testing facility
EDW Newsroom: March 30, 2017 Crews have begun work on General Electric Co’s $26-million Cdn upgrade to its jet engine testing facility in Winnipeg.
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EMILI leaders bullish on Manitoba initiative
Winnipeg Free Press: March 29, 2017 There may not have been any obvious wins for Manitoba in last week’s federal budget, but don’t tell that to the board members of the Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning Initiative (EMILI).
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iQmetrix adding more than 8,000 square feet and 108 employees
Winnipeg Free Press: March 27, 2017 Computer software developer iQmetrix is nearly doubling the size of its Winnipeg office and adding more than 100 new employees over the next year or so as it continues to expand its product line.
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Medicure builds on success with major U.S. investment
Winnipeg Free Press: March 24, 2017 The share price of Winnipeg speciality drug manufacturer Medicure has just about doubled since November.
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New Flyer soars past $2B in revenue
Winnipeg Free Press: March 23, 2017 The bus manufacturer headquartered in Winnipeg posted a revenue increase of 47.8 per cent to $2.3 billion and a 131.7 per cent bump in profit to $124.9 million for 2016 compared to the year before.
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Winnipeg truck manufacturer seizes U.S. opportunity
Winnipeg Free Press: March 22, 2017 A Winnipeg manufacturer that builds specialty truck bodies is making new inroads into the potentially lucrative U.S. market after landing a key contract with one of that country's largest laundry-and-linens companies.
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The Winning Combination finds recipe for success
EDW Newsroom: March 20, 2017 Winnipeg health products and nutrition supplement manufacturer sees staggering year-over-year growth
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Bell MTS launches in Manitoba
Global News: March 17, 2017 It’s official, the province’s largest telecommunications company is now known as Bell MTS. Bell has completed it’s takeover of Manitoba Telecom Services.
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New home for skilled trades: Red River College's $67-M building will boost enrolment in high-demand fields
Winnipeg Free Press: March 17, 2017 Red River College is going out of its way to make the trades sexy.
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Pollard Banknote hit jackpot in 2016
You could say Pollard Banknote Ltd. won the lottery in 2016.
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Ready, set, go for downtown tower: Developer plans 40-storey apartment tower at Portage and Main
Construction is expected to get underway within months on a 40-storey apartment tower to be built near the city’s most iconic intersection — Portage and Main.
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Province's first factory outlet mall to transform city's retail scene
The pending opening of the province’s first factory outlet mall will reshape the local retail landscape, and mostly for the better, according to one commercial real estate firm.
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Pollard Banknote offers $42M for Innova Gaming
Winnipeg Free Press: March 10, 2017 Winnipeg-based Pollard Banknote has made a $42-million offer to purchase L.A.-based Innova Gaming Group Inc.
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Future is bright for solar, alternative energy markets in Manitoba
Winnipeg Free Press: March 9, 2017 Solar energy enthusiasts gathered in Winnipeg recently to shed some light on something that didn't really exist here a year ago — a market for solar energy in Manitoba.
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Province's business and innovation sectors enjoy rich history, promising future
Winnipeg Free Press: March 4, 2017 As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, the Free Press will reflect on Manitoba’s place within the nation.
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Indigenous-owned brokerage now the biggest
Winnipeg Free Press: March 3, 2017 Two successful indigenous-owned insurance brokerage businesses have entered into a partnership that will expand their market reach and create further economies of scale in Western Canada and into Ontario.
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There’s no taste like home: Filipino fast-food giant Jollibee serves up nostalgia at its first Canadian outpost
The Globe and Mail: February 28, 2017 For years, Jollibee was rumoured to be bringing its Filipino-American fast-food restaurants to Canada. The day finally arrived in December, when the global giant opened its first store in Winnipeg, home to the country’s largest per-capita population of Filipino-Canadians.
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Leading thinkers coming to town: Winnipeg lands prestigious Global Forum/Shaping the Future conference
Winnipeg Free Press: February 27, 2017 Winnipeg is set to join the ranks of some other international "smart cities" in hosting a prestigious conference on the digital connected world this fall.
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EDW to assemble experts to provide city with real time advice on emerging issues
Economic Development Winnipeg (EDW) will take a lead role in providing economic expertise to city politicians, the mayor announced at his annual State of the City address on February 24.
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