Boeing Canada workers to see their labour take flight

July 13, 2017

For more than 10 years, workers at Boeing Canada’s composite parts plant in Winnipeg have been making parts for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner series of planes. But today, workers will get their first chance to see their handiwork up close and personal.

The 787 has been flying for several years — there are 565 delivered and another 1,155 on order — but it so happens that there aren’t any regular schedules that have them landing in Winnipeg. So Boeing will fly a 787-8 test plane into the Richardson International Airport and the company has organized for the entire workforce of close to 1,500 to view the plane.

"It’s in recognition of all the hard work our people do every day," said Nick Bevilacqua, Boeing Canada’s director of business operations. "We build a lot of parts for this plane. This is to show people what they built and how it goes on the airplane."

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