Province unveils $3M addition at Garden City Collegiate

September 12, 2017

The province formally unveiled a 650-square-metre addition dedicated to shops classes at a Winnipeg high school on Tuesday.

The $3.1-million project at Garden City Collegiate will be home to a new building trades program at the school, which will offer college-level trades courses and apprenticeship opportunities, the province said in a news release.

Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart said there's an appetite among students at the school to pursue careers in the trades.

"We know as a province and as a government that over the next 10 years or so, we have about 170,000 people in that industry that need to be replaced," Wishart said.

"They're mostly baby boomers that are retiring. There's going to be growth in the industry, so that's a bit of a challenge for us. So we clearly have a lot of students to train."

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