Why tyndall stone rocks: The history behind Winnipeg's downtown buildings

September 13, 2017

If “We Built This City” were about Winnipeg, the familiar refrain would have ended with "tyndall stone" instead of rock and roll.

The light-coloured, mottled limestone was used in significant ways in some 1,800 projects in Manitoba, most of which are in Winnipeg, and many of which will be discussed Thursday during a "Tyndall Stone in the City" walking tour, offered by the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation and Winnipeg Public Library.

The stone is featured so prominently in the city’s downtown that it’s one of the most recognizable features of local architecture, according to Abi Bauld, who has been working on a book about tyndall stone for the Winnipeg Architecutre Foundation for two years and will be directing Thursday’s tour.

“It started off as a fairly small project, because not much has been written about architecture from a material perspective on tyndall stone… but there’s so much of it here, and as I looked into it I found there was so much more to it,” Bauld said.

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