WHY WINNIPEG for BUSINESS? Low Business Costs

Join host Peter Jordan as he chats with Craig McIntosh, executive chairman of Acrylon Plastics. This is a company that started out over 30 years ago and currently occupies 225,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space across five Canadian facilities. Acrylon manufactures a variety of customized plastic parts for a variety of applications, and it's known for its ability to remain competitive despite increasing global competition.

Step by step, Craig answers Peter’s questions about local labour rates, health-care costs, workers compensation rates, real estate costs, energy rates, corporate tax rates, and transportation and distribution costs. From having the lowest tax rates of the G8 nations to boasting among the lowest hydroelectricity costs in North America, Craig sets out a convincing case for doing business in Winnipeg.

As Craig tells Peter: “Dollar for dollar, Winnipeg is a great place to operate your business from. Studies have been performed on a North American-wide basis: Winnipeg comes out a winner every time.”