Winnipeg in the News: The Best of the Best

To distill the most relevant economic development-related stories appearing in local newspapers, EDW also assembles a monthly roundup, called Winnipeg in the News, linked right to the source publication. These summary publications span from June 2013 to the present. 

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March 2016

City comes out on top
Winnipeg Free Press: March 31, 2016 If cost was the only consideration as to where a business sets up, Winnipeg would be THE Prairie/Midwest destination of choice. The city was at the top of the list of most cost-competitive locales among 27 Midwest and Western Canadian regions in KPMG’s 2016 Competitive Alternatives report.

Farmers Edge putting down roots worldwide
Winnipeg Free Press: March 30, 2016 Farmers Edge has been around since 2005 and has grown with the precision agriculture and independent data-management business to be able to refer to itself as a global leader.

Bullish for Boyd
Winnipeg Free Press: March 23, 2016 As impressive as Boyd Group Income Fund’s success has been — it’s one of, if not the largest, collision repair company in North America — it’s never going to be the sexiest company in the world.But producing the best returns of any listing on the TSX over the past 10 years — a whopping 4,655 per cent — would make even the hottest tech sensation a little jealous.

Startup joins forces with Friesens Corp. to expand operations
Winnipeg Free Press: March 19, 2016 Less than two years ago, Permission Click was named startup of the year by the National Angel Capital Organization summit. This week, the Winnipeg company closed a $1.75-million financing led by Friesens Corp. of Altona and Real Ventures of Montreal that will allow the company to aggressively distribute its service.

A collaborative investment
Winnipeg Free Press: March 16, 2016 Librestream Technologies makes the hardware and software that allows, for instance, technicians in the field to collaborate with supervisors or engineers back at headquarters. The technology has the potential to speed up the resolution of repairs that might be beyond the scope of field staff. Librestream recently closed a fundraising round of $11 million.

2.5% growth? We'll take it
Winnipeg Free Press: March 4, 2016 Winnipeg’s economy is expected to experience its strongest growth in nearly a decade and one of the best performances in the country this year, the latest forecast from the Conference Board of Canada says.