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Find What You Need: EDW’s Document Library

EDW provides hundreds of downloadable documents on its website. Find what you’re looking for quickly and easily by using our comprehensive Document Library, which is searchable by category and/or keyword or phrase.

How to Search for Documents

Although the "Search All Categories" within the drop-down menu is the default setting and provides a complete list of everything in the Document Library, EDW recommends the following approach:

  1. Select the most applicable category from the drop-down menu. Click the "Search" button. Await the results.
  2. If desired, narrow your results further by entering a keyword or phrase into the "Search Keyword or Phrase" box. Click the "Search" button. You can narrow your search even more by enclosing brackets (" ") around words that must all appear in that order in either a document's title or its pop-up description for it to be displayed. 
  3. Important: once you’ve selected a category, your keyword or phrase will only search that category with each subsequent search performed. You must select "Search All Categories" from the drop-down menu to compare your keyword or phrase against all files found in the Document Library. 

Still Can’t Find the Right Documents?

Contact EDW’s Edward Suzuki (at right) for immediate assistance. If Edward is unavailable, simply contact us. We will direct you to the most suitable team member to answer your questions.

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