Import/Export Trends

Manitoba's Trade Activity Shows Steady Climb

A high share of exports and imports in total output suggest an outward-looking, culturally aware community open to the world. Taken together, imports and exports as a share of GDP are an accepted measure of the openness of the economy. Exports demonstrate the ability to compete globally, and imports indicate specialization. Merchandise exports do not include service exports.

Trade activity in Manitoba has improved over the last five years in comparison to the previous five-year period last year. In 2015, Manitoba exported merchandise worth $13.7 billion. From 2010 to 2015, Manitoba exports grew 33.4 per cent, ranking fifth when compared nationally; Manitoba ranked ninth during the previous five-year period spanning 2009 to 2014. Canada’s exports were up by 28 per cent. Manitoba’s import activity at $21 billion increased by 52 per cent over the most recent five-year period, whereas Canada’s imports collectively increased by only 32.7 per cent (19.4 per cent lower than Manitoba). 

Merchandise Imports and Domestic Exports Per Cent Change by Province from 2010 to 2015

Source:  Statistics Canada