Electricity & Gas

Winnipeg’s Hydroelectric Advantage

Winnipeg has some of the most affordable electricity rates on the continent. According to Hydro Québec’s 2016 annual comparison of electricity rates within North American cities, Winnipeg has the lowest published electricity rates for small, medium and large power consumers (i.e., across all three categories studied).

Many locations throughout North America face rising power rates, energy shortages, reliability problems and uncertainty with long-term power supplies. For business owners, these problems have a direct impact on their bottom line and may even affect the long-term success of their businesses.

In Winnipeg, businesses benefit from competitive electrical rates, exceptional reliability, an abundant existing generating capacity and a certainty of future power supplies—given the renewable nature of Manitoba Hydro’s hydroelectric infrastructure.

Natural Gas Resources

As with electricity, Manitoba Hydro is the major distributor of natural gas in the province. Yet natural gas may also be purchased from independent natural gas marketers or brokers. These are autonomous companies that arrange alternate rates and terms of service for the supply of natural gas. Keep in mind that they may offer different rates from Manitoba Hydro, they do not deliver natural gas or provide utility services, and their rates and options are not regulated by the Public Utilities Board of Manitoba (contrary to Manitoba Hydro).

Most natural gas is purchased from sources in Western Canada. The cost of natural gas is subject to change; however, prices are typically based on North American market prices.