Broadband Companies and Services

Winnipeg has an advanced fibre-optic networking and digital-switching platform, with 100 per cent digital switching available throughout the province and over 200 switches to support the network grid (Canada’s third-largest concentration).

Broadband providers include Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS), Shaw Communications, Telesat and Manitoba Hydro Telecom. MTS is the dominant provider and has an extensive broadband network infrastructure connecting all major communities within Manitoba.

Telecommunications Companies and Services

The state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure in Winnipeg provides access to the Internet in virtually all areas of the city, a particularly important advantage for technology-based businesses. As well, the competitive telecommunications environment, with several alternative long-distance carriers, keeps rates low in Winnipeg. And with a central time zone location, Winnipeg’s business hours are accessible and cost-effective across the continent.

Winnipeg-based firms are served by a competitive range of telecommunications providers, including MTS, Telus, Rogers, Shaw Communications and a host of resellers. Corporate alliances with major U.S. companies ensure seamless provision of cross-border products and services.