Using the Report Builder

  1. Click the “+” signs wherever they appear site-wide to add Excel Files and PDFs to "My Report," which is easily viewed/accessed via the button near the top right of each page. Note: "My Report" always keeps a running tally of the number of selected items.
  2. You can add individual Pages via the "Add to My Report" button situated to the left of the "My Report" button.
  3. Within each of the three available content types (Pages, PDFs and Excel files), you can drag the titles into any order you want within "My Report."
  4. Click "Export" to build your report. If you have selected only PDF documents and no Excel files, a pop-up box appears that lets you view its progress. Once built, click "Download Report," which gives you the option to either save or open your report.
  5. If you’ve added both PDFs and Excel files to "My Report," you will receive a ZIP file containing a report that has compiled all PDFs selected (as above), and you will also see the Excel file(s) you’ve chosen.

My Report

The following lists of Pages, PDFs and Excel files are part of your customized EDW report. Within each content type, you can drag the titles into any order you want.

No Documents