Site Selection Data Tables

To provide information required by site selectors, Economic Development Winnipeg created a series of data tables. The tables are based on industry standards provided by the International Economic Developers Council (IEDC).

Factors taken into account in assembling these tables include the following: market characteristics (local and regional); costs (labour, transportation, etc.); natural resources (availability and quality); infrastructure; policy structure; and finally, business support and promotion.

The following 19 tables are available:

  1. Demographics
  2. Labour Force
  3. Leading Employers
  4. New Companies
  5. Military Base
  6. Research Base
  7. Universities
  8. Vocational/Technical Institutions
  9. Industry Payroll
  10. Average Salary
  11. Workers Compensation
  12. Transportation
  13. Taxation
  14. Occupancy Supply
  15. Utilities
  16. Environmental Consideration
  17. Government
  18. International Resources
  19. Quality of Life

Download these data tables here.

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