Site Selector Sitemap

A Focused Approach for Site Selectors

For the most part, we understand what site selectors need. And we appreciate the difficulties inherent in that line of work. That’s why EDW wants to help make it easy for those of you engaged in that profession to compile your research quickly. Check out our abbreviated sitemap below, then click on a colour-coded link to get to the most relevant parts of our site right away.

Helping You Is Our Priority

EDW provides a wealth of statistical research on its website. As much as we’ve tried to make the location of these documents intuitive—even for those of you with little to no familiarity with our website and materials—we understand it can sometimes be a challenge to find the most useful documents.

So if you can’t find something quickly, stop looking and contact us directly instead.

Who Can Help?

Anyone at EDW can point you in the right direction very quickly. Just pick up the phone and contact us. However, the key contacts noted below regularly assist site selectors with their work.

Economic Development Winnipeg
Greg Dandewich, Senior Vice President

YES! Winnipeg
Vince Barletta, Leader
Sonya Muraro, Director, Business Development