Low Business Costs

A Dollar is a Dollar: Save Money in Winnipeg

Companies simply can’t compete unless the cost of doing business makes sense. No matter where these savings come from—whether from land, labour, utilities and/or incentives, for example—Winnipeg is a leader when it comes to places with advantageous business environments.

Word is spreading about the city’s favourable standing relative to its competitors. In KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives (2016) report, Winnipeg has the lowest overall business costs in Western Canada, and its costs are lower than every U.S. city surveyed.

Winnipeg’s cost advantage is predominantly derived from land, labour and utilities/energy savings, and it is further enabled by comparatively low costs of living and government-covered health-care costs.

Proof Positive: Canada is a Competitive Alternative

KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives (2014) report notes that Canadian business tax costs average 46 per cent less when compared to the U.S. 

Note: total tax index includes corporate income tax, other corporate taxes and statutory labour costs.