Research & Development

Ultra-Competitive R&D Environment

Winnipeg belongs at the top of the list when it comes to places that encourage research and development. From tax breaks to talent, Winnipeg’s unique R&D environment helps make the city a main attraction for companies with significant R&D components. The fact that the city’s post-secondary institutions graduate highly skilled professionals who stay and work right here is a tremendous boon to area businesses, whether their products are destined for international locales or domestic markets. The R&D-related collaboration that exists between industry and academia is a real asset.

Winnipeg's colleges and universities are in constant contact with the city's business community to ensure that graduates are trained with the specialized skills required to excel within critical industry sectors. Moreover, these schools regularly dialogue with each other to ensure that the programs each institution offers remain relevant. Added to this advantageous mix is the provincial government’s participation in this process: various departments are closely aligned with local businesses and schools to ensure that Winnipeg stays a highly viable—and productive—R&D destination.

Federal and Provincial R&D Programs

Federal and provincial incentives geared toward R&D help Manitoba-based businesses succeed. Other potentially applicable programs are offered as well. Let EDW help you navigate the programs most relevant to your industry.