Supportive Business Community

Formal and Informal Support

Ask any business leader in Winnipeg what sets the city apart from other places, and invariably a top answer involves its supportive business community. Both formally and informally, deals get done.

From a well-supported chamber of commerce to robust industry associations, Winnipeg ostensibly appears to boast institutions similar to those found in other cities. And yet Winnipeg has a far deeper pool of these formal organizations than competing jurisdictions. From a provincial business council to a group called the Associates of the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba—to cite just two examples among many—Winnipeg’s business leaders have multiple opportunities to connect with their peers within structured environments like these.

But if Winnipeg has a secret weapon, it’s the informal ways these prominent citizens help make things happen for each other. Even in cases where those involved are direct competitors, Winnipeg’s business elite are hardwired to assist each other with advice, opportunities and solutions that contribute to the overall health of the city.

Manitoba Government Programs

Below is a list of some of the most compelling government-administered programs now available to assist Manitoba-based businesses. Other sector-specific tax credit programs are offered as well, some of which EDW highlights here. EDW can help you navigate the programs most applicable to your industry.