Dedicated, Talented, Affordable

Winnipeggers are hard-working, educated and ready to help local companies succeed. They have a proven track record of commitment to their city, and to its businesses and its economy. The reputation of any given company—and the quality of the products and/or services it offers—is only as good as the people standing behind it. And in Winnipeg, these people are of the highest calibre.

The city’s business leaders repeatedly applaud the skill and dedication of the local workforce in accounting for their collective achievements. Both in terms of quality and quantity, Winnipeg’s labour force is a key contributor to the success of local firms. Top-notch graduates from Winnipeg's colleges and universities—and government programs designed to attract skilled workers to the province—make Winnipeg an ideal place to locate or expand a business.

Winnipeg’s Workforce: Competitive and Committed

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program: A Model for North America

The Manitoba workforce continues to grow due in part to a best-in-class provincial nominee program, which targets immigrants with particular skills to meet the needs of Manitoba’s industries, including: