About YES! Winnipeg

YES! Winnipeg: Winnipeg’s Business Development Team

YES! Winnipeg is Economic Development Winnipeg's business development team, which attracts new companies to the city, assists entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to life and helps existing businesses expand. YES! Winnipeg’s mission is to grow and strengthen Winnipeg's economy by assisting in the creation of new jobs and by attracting capital investment. Services are provided at no cost to clients.

YES! Winnipeg showcases why Winnipeg is an ideal location and steadfast economic climate for business growth.  YES! Winnipeg facilitates connections to the people and organizations that can successfully address key decision triggers. Most often this includes:

  1. Navigating government assistance programs
  2. Uncovering pathways to key government officials for permits/approvals
  3. Connecting to the right people/workforce/talent
  4. Sourcing strategic suppliers
  5. Locating ideal real estate for each project
  6. Identifying financing and capital investment partners

YES! Winnipeg is focused on assisting business retention, expansion and attraction within nine key sectors:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Aerospace
  3. Agribusiness
  4. Creative Industries
  5. Energy & Environment
  6. Financial Services
  7. Information, Communications and Technology (ICT)
  8. Life Sciences
  9. Transportation & Distribution

Winnipeg’s value proposition is particularly well-suited to the following:

  1. Advanced manufacturing, value-added assembly and agri-processing entities
  2. Back-office operations, customer and corporate support hubs, application development entities
  3. Data centres
  4. Research, development and testing facilities

Historical Rationale 

YES! Winnipeg was created to build a more robust and growing private sector by:

Winnipeg is alive with opportunity. With an abundant supply of renewable hydroelectric energy at among the lowest prices in North America, a central location ideally suited to support a broad customer base and significant trimodal transportation assets (and CentrePort Canada, Canada’s official inland port), Winnipeg punches above its weight. Consider the following: