Affordability and Variety

Winnipeg enjoys an active real estate market, but the city still has affordable real estate and an impressive variety of housing stock.

Though prices in Winnipeg have been on the rise in recent years—much like the rest of Canada—the increased prices have been driven by normal supply and demand, not by speculative inflation. For that reason, purchasing a home in one of the city’s 236 distinct neighbourhoods remains an affordable and achievable option.

Winnipeggers benefits from one of the most diverse housing markets in Canada, with homes ranging from brand new to charming older homes surrounded by large trees in established locales—and virtually everything else in between.

The price of a home varies depending on the area of the city, but all sell for well below the national average price for comparable houses. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the average home in Winnipeg in 2015 was priced at $278,270—59 per cent less expensive when compared to the Canadian average of $443,004.