Hydro and Natural Gas

Manitoba Hydro is a Crown corporation and the province's major energy utility. From its head office in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba Hydro:

Manitoba Hydro Mailing Address and Contact Numbers

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3C 2P4

Customer service and general inquiries: 204.360.3311
24-Hour Emergency: 204.480.5900


Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS) and Shaw Communications are the leading full-service providers of local, long distance, wireless, directory and online multimedia telecommunications services in Manitoba.

MTS Mailing Address and Contact Number

Manitoba Telecom Services Inc.
P.O. Box 6666
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 3V6

Customer Service: 204.225.5687

Shaw Communications Mailing Address and Contact Number

Shaw Communications Inc.
22 Scurfield Boulevard
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3Y 1S5

Customer Service: 1.888.472.2222

Water and Waste

Winnipeg enjoys an abundant and cost-effective supply of some of the purest water found in North America, thanks to its ingenious Shoal Lake aqueduct, which commenced operations nearly 100 years ago.

Water and waste services are provided by the City of Winnipeg’s Water and Waste Department. This department is a large civic department consisting of three distinct utilities: water, wastewater and solid waste disposal. In addition, the department provides tax-supported services for land drainage, flood control and solid waste collection.

The department’s activities contribute to the high quality of life enjoyed in Winnipeg by protecting public health; safeguarding property and the environment; collecting and treating wastewater; managing land drainage and flood control; and providing collection, disposal and waste minimization programs and facilities for solid waste.

The City of Winnipeg’s only waste disposal site—the Brady Road Landfill—is expected to have an operational lifespan of 100 years.


For information on billing, recycling, garbage collection, water and sewer services (or related issues), contact the City of Winnipeg’s Water and Waste Department:

Phone: 311 (24 hours)
Fax: 204.954.1758
TTY: 204.986.2149