Hot Sunny Summers and Cold Sunny Winters

Thanks to its northern location, Winnipeg residents enjoy sunshine 317.78 days a year, a total of 2,372 hours of sunshine annually.

In winter, temperatures average -12.9 degrees Celsius (8.8 degrees Fahrenheit). Hot and dry summer days bring temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius (77.7 degrees Fahrenheit), while typical summer evenings are pleasantly cool. In all seasons, wide variations from the average values are quite common. The annual mean temperature is 2.6 degrees Celsius (36.7 degrees Fahrenheit).

Winnipeg averages approximately 418.9 millimetres (16.4 inches) of precipitation each year. More than half of the annual precipitation falls in the summer months, most frequently in the form of brief but sometimes heavy showers. Winnipeg averages 113.7 centimetres (44.7 inches) of snowfall annually.

Climatic Averages

Clearest Skies Year-Round: #1 Province in Canada

In a province-by-province comparison with the rest of Canada, Manitobans annually enjoy the most hours where total cloud amount is between 0 and 2 tenths. Relative to the Canadian average, Manitobans get over 500 more hours (almost 21 days) of clear skies each year.

Rank Province / Territory Average
Manitoba 2565.84
Nunavut 2523.05
Saskatchewan 2470.52
Northwest Territories 2439.97
Ontario 2231.33
New Brunswick 2190.29
Alberta 2180.44
Prince Edward Island 2059.25
Québec 1946.63
Nova Scotia 1795.63
Yukon 1773.10
British Columbia 1721.62
Newfoundland and Labrador 1474.43
Weighted-Average - Canada 2047.68

Source: Environment Canada