Grow in Winnipeg

Close to 62 per cent of Manitoba’s population lives within Winnipeg’s census metropolitan area of 771,221 inhabitants, so Winnipeg dominates the provincial economy in a way few other Canadian cities do. Winnipeg has always been economically strong and diverse. We have nurtured a robust workforce that is skilled, talented and productive. If you’re looking to relocate or expand to a place where opportunities for growth are limited only by imagination, consider Winnipeg. Our city is a place where business can grow faster, stronger and better; a place that is intelligent, creative and culturally diverse; a place where the infrastructure, supplier base and (most importantly) the people are ready to help your business get growing.

Key Differentiators for Business

Winnipeg’s flourishing industry sectors, geographic and time zone advantages, and tri-modal transportation assets—coupled with CentrePort Canada, the nation’s only inland port to offer foreign trade zone advantages—make the city an exceptional draw for business.

Consider this: Winnipeg has the largest aerospace centre in Western Canada; it’s home to advanced manufacturing market leaders and boasts one of the biggest hubs for bus manufacturing in North America; agribusiness has long nourished Winnipeg’s growth, due to its world-class agricultural infrastructure; and initiatives in life sciences make Winnipeg a remarkable centre of discovery, housing the only Level 4 bio-containment lab in the country and about 40 additional R&D institutions.

KPMG Competitive Alternatives reports that Winnipeg has the lowest electricity costs in Canada for businesses, and it ranks the city No. 1 in cost-competitiveness across the Prairies, with the lowest business costs among all assessed cities in the Midwest U.S./Western Canada region. Named a Top Canadian Metro by Site Selection magazine thanks to exceptional public- and private-sector investments citywide, there’s never been a better time to invest in Winnipeg.   

Explore Winnipeg

The customized Google-populated map found above reveals high-level stakeholders operating throughout Winnipeg.

Divided into four key components—major economic sectors, educational institutions, incubators/accelerators and employment lands—even a cursory review of the information included on the map demonstrates that Winnipeg offers a compelling value proposition for local and international investors alike.