Commute? What Commute?

If you hate commuting as much as we do, Winnipeg offers the perfect solution. Winnipeggers enjoy low transportation costs and have the shortest commutes of any major metropolitan city in Canada. From the heart of the city, nearly any part of Winnipeg can be reached in little more than a 20-minute drive.

Evidently, that would be considered great news for many Canadians, based on a recent survey conducted by Oxford Properties and Environics Research Group. The study found that accessibility and commute times were “the most valued attributes” in a workplace, with 76 per cent of those surveyed saying they want a reasonable commute to the office. And 82 per cent of respondents said that a commute time of “less than 30 minutes” is considered ideal. Finally, the study found that reduced commute times are so important to Canadian employees that 50 per cent of them would be willing to work three extra hours per week in exchange for a reasonable commute to the office.

Winnipeg Transit

For cost-conscious Winnipeggers—or those who simply want to leave the driving to someone else—Winnipeg’s buses are a great way to get around. Fares are among the lowest in Canada, and the network of vehicles, routes and stops mean it doesn’t take long to go from one place to another.

Today, Winnipeg Transit operates approximately 585 buses throughout the city that service 5,170 stops. Depending on which area of the city is involved, the scheduled service provided may include main line routes, express routes or suburban feeders.

Transit Facts

Taxicab Services

Don’t feel like taking a bus? Grabbing a cab in Winnipeg couldn’t be easier, with about 450 regular taxis and almost 200 additional specialty vehicles licensed to criss-cross city streets. The two largest cab companies in Winnipeg are Unicity Taxi and Duffy’s Taxi; together, they run a fleet of about 400 vehicles.