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Executive/Corporate Team

Dayna Spiring

Dayna Spiring President & CEO

P: 1 204 954 1988


Economic Development Winnipeg Inc. (EDW) is the lead economic development agency for Winnipeg, encompassing EDW, YES! Winnipeg and Tourism Winnipeg. Dayna directs all aspects of the corporation’s activities. She provides leadership and strategic direction, collaborates with key stakeholders and is a driving force behind making Winnipeg a compelling choice for business and tourism. She also participates on the board of directors for Winpak Ltd. (a Winnipeg-based plastic-packaging pioneer), and previously served on the board of Manitoba Hydro (a provincial Crown corporation). As the former chief strategy officer and general counsel of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), Dayna was charged with leading a group of senior-level employees, financial advisors and lawyers in preparing the federally controlled entity for privatization. Dayna’s supplemental responsibilities during her 10-year tenure at the CWB also involved facilitating government and stakeholder relations during a period of intense public scrutiny and debate. As well, Dayna spearheaded all marketing and communications efforts at the CWB and served as its corporate secretary.

In addition to Dayna’s extensive professional experience, which includes five years as an associate at Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP in the early 2000s, she is a passionate Winnipegger with a drive to volunteer. Currently the vice-chair of the Winnipeg Football Club’s board of directors and the first-ever woman to serve on the Canadian Football League’s board of governors, she previously led the team that brought the Gold Medal Plates competition to Winnipeg. Dayna earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Manitoba. Earlier, she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree (honours) from the same institution, majoring in political science. In 2015, Dayna participated in the Directors Education Program within the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, obtaining the ICD.D designation.

Greg Dandewich

Greg Dandewich Senior Vice President

P: 1 204 954 1982


Greg excels at relationship building, facilitating strategic partnerships, coordinating industry and sector initiatives, and forging substantive collaborations between the public and private sectors.

Ryan Kuffner

Ryan Kuffner Vice President of Sales & Business Development

P: 1 204 954 1962

Ryan directs all business development strategies for Economic Development Winnipeg. He also leads the YES! Winnipeg initiative to attract new business and works with local companies to facilitate their expansion, increase their market potential and grow their network.

Karen Goossen

Karen Goossen Vice President, Marketing and Tourism Winnipeg

P: 1 204 954 1965


Karen leads the development and implementation of the tourism sales and servicing for all markets in order to increase Winnipeg's economy.

Kim  Metcalfe

Kim Metcalfe Director of Finance

P: 1 204 954 1980

Kim's responsibilities incorporate all aspects of the day-to-day financial management duties of the corporation, as well as directing all finance-related administrative activities.

Tiffany  Creaghe-Harder

Tiffany Creaghe-Harder Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

P: 1 204 954 1998

Tiffany assists Dayna with issues management involving such aspects as scheduling, event planning, meeting management and communications-related tasks. She also serves as the primary liaison for EDW's board of directors and coordinates all board-related activities germane to the organization.

Market Intelligence Team

Edward Suzuki

Edward Suzuki Market Intelligence Director

P: 1 204 954 1986


Ed is responsible for all in-house research and analyses that targets companies considering a relocation or expansion into Winnipeg. His role includes the management and preparation of the following profiles: local, regional and global economic trends; industry sectors; key economic indicators; and business information. Ed also conducts ongoing strategic research projects in collaboration with industry and government stakeholders.

Marcus Lipnicki

Marcus Lipnicki Market Intelligence Manager

P: 1 204 954 1991


Marcus's role is a multi-functional role within EDW. His responsibilities involve database management, research-related deliverables, data analysis, preparation of trend reports, and maintenance of information products.

Chris Ferris

Chris Ferris Senior Economist & Manager of Enterprise Content

P: 1 204 954 1987

Chris is responsible for guiding our content management system and conducting in depth research and analysis on the Winnipeg's regional economy.  Additionally he provides oversight on our economic industry sector forecasting, economic impact modeling and project manages new research initiatives.

Natalia Vozniak

Natalia Vozniak Market Analyst

P: 1 204 954 1983

Natalia is responsible for collecting, managing, and analyzing a broad cross section of both quantitative and qualitative data and market research.  She also tracks and analyzes industry trends, develops industry sector profiles and briefing documents for EDW.

Abigail Crisostomo

Abigail Crisostomo Administrative Assistant

P: 1 204 954 1975

Abigail welcomes all in-person inquiries and directs all electronic correspondence received in the general mailbox to applicable staff. She also provides organization-wide administrative support for multiple EDW functions.

YES! Winnipeg Team

Bill Coulter

Bill Coulter Director of Business Development

P: 1 204 954 1976


Sectors: Creative Industries, Energy & Environment, ICT, Financial Services

Bill proactively identifies new prospects within his sectors of responsibility and advances each prospect to a successful conclusion by understanding what assistance they require and engaging appropriate collaborators to deliver what the client needs.

Alberto  Velasco-Acosta

Alberto Velasco-Acosta Business Development Manager

P: 1 204 954 1972

Sectors: Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace

Alberto proactively identifies new prospects to attract to Winnipeg by developing relationships with leading site selector consultants to inform them of and promote Winnipeg's strong value proposition. He also represents YES! Winnipeg on international business missions, welcomes incoming international delegations and serves as the business development manager for the city's advanced manufacturing and aerospace sectors.

Camila Jerger

Camila Jerger Business Development Manager

P: 1 204 954 1974

Sectors: Life Sciences, Agribusiness, and Transportation & Distribution

Camila proactively identifies new prospects to attract to Winnipeg by developing relationships with leading site selector consultants to inform them of and promote Winnipeg's strong value proposition.

Whitney Moir

Whitney Moir Investor & Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator

P: 1 204 954 1966

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Whitney is responsible for leading the coordination of events, communications and activities with YES! Winnipeg’s investor network in conjunction with EDW's President and CEO, Dayna Spiring, and the Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Ryan Kuffner.

Corinne Gusnoski

Corinne Gusnoski Business Development Coordinator

P: 1 204 954 1975

Corinne works closely with the YES! Winnipeg business development team to retain existing investment, support local company expansion, and attract new investment to the city.  Corinne also works closely with EDW’s Market Intelligence team to ensure effective flow of project work and intelligence to inform the efforts of YES! Winnipeg, among other responsibilities.

Melanie  McCreath

Melanie McCreath Business Development Manager, Bring It Home Program

P: 1 204 954 1984

Melanie is responsible for selling and promoting Winnipeg as the destination of choice for meetings and conventions. This includes attracting tourism business through local leaders with the Bring it Home program, while leveraging these business events and conferences to help showcase Winnipeg’s investment value proposition.

Tourism Winnipeg Team

Natalie Thiesen

Natalie Thiesen Director of Sales

P: 1 204 954 1978


Natalie is responsible for overseeing the Business Development Managers in order to optimize overnight visitations across all markets. Natalie is also responsible for attracting U.S. tourism business through the meetings and conventions market.

Annie Henry

Annie Henry Business Development Manager

P: 1 204 954 1990

Annie is responsible for attracting sports, special events and meetings to Winnipeg. Her main focus is attracting tourism business through the sport federations and corporations.

Grace Hicks

Grace Hicks Business Development Manager

P: 1 204 954 1981


Grace is responsible for selling and promoting Winnipeg as the destination of choice for meetings and conventions. Her main focus is attracting tourism business through the association and corporate markets.

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson Business Development Manager

P: 1 204 954 1995


Sarah is responsible for selling and promoting Winnipeg as the destination of choice for the travel trade market.

Sharon Kubrakovich

Sharon Kubrakovich Sales Administrator

P: 1 204 954 1989


Sharon supports the sales activities of the Business Development Managers and expedites the bids and proposals in order to increase visitation.

Lynnea Adrian

Lynnea Adrian Client Services Coordinator

P: 1 204 954 1992

Lynnea is responsible for assisting clients in promoting their meetings, conventions, sports and special events that will be held in Winnipeg in order to maximize attendance and elevate customer satisfaction for increased tourism revenues.

Jen Nagy

Jen Nagy Partnerships Coordinator

P: 1 204 954 1994

Jen is responsible for the Team Winnipeg and Winnipeg Tour Connection partnerships and initiatives. She provides project-specific support to the meetings and conventions and travel trade teams and Tourism Winnipeg's industry events.

Sarah Ferrari

Sarah Ferrari Visitor Experience Manager

P: 1 204 954 1985


Sarah is responsible for visitor services, travel information outreach and group travel servicing in order to enhance visitor experiences.

Danica Dantes

Danica Dantes Visitor Service Inventory Coordinator

P: 1 204 954 1996

Danica is responsible for inventory management and the delivery of front line visitor counseling.

Marketing & Branding Team

Cody Chomiak

Cody Chomiak Director of Marketing

P: 1 204 954 1960

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Cody is responsible for marketing as it relates to Economic Development Winnipeg. He executes strategic marketing plans to increase business investment and visitation to Winnipeg.

Tyler Walsh

Tyler Walsh Digital & Content Marketing Manager

P: 1 204 954 1979

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Tyler is responsible for curating and creating digital and video content to promote and tell the Winnipeg story.

Gillian Chester (on maternity leave until April 2019)

Gillian Chester (on maternity leave until April 2019) Communications & Travel Media Manager

P: 1 204 954 1977

Gillian is responsible for writing and editing tourism marketing communications, handling travel media requests, developing story ideas, and the travel media program.

Mike Green

Mike Green Social Media & Creative Communications Manager

P: 1 204 954 1993


Mike is responsible for development and execution of Tourism Winnipeg's social media plan. He is also responsible for all creative online and offline writing for various marketing mediums.

Kelly Krebs

Kelly Krebs Marketing & Communications Project Manager

P: 1 204 954 1963

Kelly is responsible for managing the content of the Tourism Winnipeg publications and website, approving all partner entries in Simpleview, compiling earned media, responding to image requests and managing the internal image gallery and photo contest.

Karen Allen

Karen Allen Graphic Designer

P: 1 204 954 1964

Karen is responsible for the graphic design of the sales and marketing initiatives and maintains the brand standards.

Matt Schaubroeck

Matt Schaubroeck Corporate Communications Manager

P: 1 204 954 1961

Matt manages the corporate communications activities specific to EDW. He executes a broad spectrum of deliverables based on strategic marketing/communications plans that span both digital and print formats. Matt also serves as the primary point of contact for all EDW-related media and advertising inquiries.

Riley Chervinski

Riley Chervinski Travel Media Coordinator

P: 1 204 954 1977

Riley is responsible for handling travel media requests and the travel media program, as well as supporting the marketing and branding team with social media and creative writing efforts.

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