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Winnipeg Rankings


  • $2.9B

    Winnipeg’s financial services sector contributes over $2.9 billion annually to the provincial GDP.

  • 2,000+

    There are approximately 30 fully serviced industrial areas and parks with total acreage well over 2,000.

  • #1

    Winnipeg is the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing centre in Western Canada.

  • #1

    Winnipeg-based New Flyer Industries is North America’s largest bus manufacturer, employing over 1,350 locals.

  • 1,290

    Approximately 1,290 ICT businesses in Winnipeg employ a workforce of 13,800 people.

  • 6,000+

    Manitoba Hydro, a provincial Crown Corporation, employs more than 6,000 people


  • 130,000

    Manitoba’s celebrated immigration policy added more than 130,000 working-age immigrants to the province.

  • 451,507

    From 2010 to 2015, Winnipeg’s total labour force grew by seven per cent to 451,507 people.

  • 4,500

    YES! Winnipeg’s clients have projected nearly 4,500 permanent jobs to date


  • #1

    The Forks was recently selected as the best public space in Canada organized by the Canadian Institute of Planners.

  • 1st

    Winnipeg’s French theatre company, Le Cercle Molière, is Canada’s oldest continuously running French theatre.

  • #1

    Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet is the nation’s premier ballet company and one of the oldest in North America.


  • 287

    Assiniboine Forest—287 hectares of aspen parkland—is one of the largest urban forest parks in Canada.

  • 100

    The Brady Road Landfill is expected to have an operational lifespan of 100 years.

  • 8.8B

    Winnipeg’s four large outdoor reservoirs can hold up to 8.8 billion litres (1.9 billion gallons) of water


  • $28B

    Investments totalling $2.8 billion since 2005 have transformed downtown Winnipeg.

  • 400,000

    With square footage totalling nearly 400,000, IKEA Winnipeg is one of Canada’s biggest-ever IKEA stores.

  • 55%

    Canada/Manitoba tax incentive programs rebate R&D investments up to 55 per cent.

YES! Winnipeg Investors

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro is the province’s major energy utility, providing electricity and natural gas service throughout Manitoba. The corporation employs 6,400 people.

Economic Development Winnipeg

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