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Employment Manitoba

Employment Manitoba has two Winnipeg locations that offer a variety of free programs to assist both employers and employees.

Services Provided to Job Seekers

Manitobans currently looking for work are assisted in the following ways:

  • Employment needs assessment
  • Employment/career counselling
  • Referrals to community agencies
  • Job Referral Service for the Red River Floodway Expansion Project and for northern generating stations
  • Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) advisory services to help identify skills already acquired

Information is also provided to individuals seeking information about:

  • Job openings
  • Manitoba's labour market
  • Training options/opportunities
  • Career options
  • Community organizations
  • Educational institutions

Job-search assistance is provided for the following:

  • Cover letters
  • Hidden job market tips
  • Faxing of resumes and cover letters

Access to computers is provided to prospective employees for these purposes:

  • Resume writing
  • Internet job search
  • Online applications for student loans

Additional Employment Services

Additional employment services are available at Employment Manitoba centres and via partnerships with community and employer groups. The following services may be available to those who meet certain eligibility criteria:

  • Skills/training upgrading assistance
  • Job placements
  • Pre-employment preparation
  • Work experience/training placements
  • Training for self-employment
  • Work placements with wage subsidy
  • Apprenticeship training assistance
  • Financial assistance

Program Eligibility Criteria for Employment Services

Employment Manitoba reviews requests for assistance in relation to skills, current circumstances, the needs of the labour market and service priorities. Clients may be eligible for more help if they fit into one of the following Employment Manitoba programs:

Skills Development Assistance

Assists eligible individuals who need training to find employment.

Self Employment

Assists eligible individuals to start their own business.

Professional Immigration Pilot (PIP) Project

This pilot project assists skilled/professional immigrants to enter their field of expertise in the Canadian labour market.

Trade Up to Your Future

Women! We can help you get the training you need to work in a trade.

Apprenticeship Assistance

Assisting eligible individuals approved by Apprenticeship Manitoba to attend apprenticeship training.

Job Bank: A Service Provided by Service Canada

The Job Bank is a free bilingual Internet service for job seekers and employers provided by Service Canada. It allows employers to advertise their job openings to job seekers across Canada.

A job seeker can use the Job Search feature to narrow their search by province, area within the province and occupation. Prospective employees can also filter their search in the following ways: all jobs in the system, those posted in the last seven days or those posted in the last 48 hours.

Job Match

This service allows job seekers to advertise their skills in the Job Bank. Users need to create accounts in order to manage their profiles.

Job Match allows users to create and manage one to three job profiles, which can be advertised to employers using the Job Bank and/or matched against existing job advertisements.

Job seekers create employment profiles by completing the checklist provided. They may then select “Advertise,” which will post these profiles for employers to view. Users may also select “Match,” which furnishes a list of current matching job advertisements.

Job Alert

The Job Alert feature sends, via email, a list of job openings that match specified search criteria. Job seekers automatically receive up to three emails twice daily, listing job openings from the Job Bank and the Public Service Commission (PSC) that match specified search criteria. Registered users must log on to their account and complete the Job Alert (Job Search) form.

Resume Builder

Create up to five resumes using this Resume Builder tool. It comes complete with different layouts, resume building tips, and help pages.

Use this step-by-step online feature to create a professional resume—stored and accessible on the Internet via a user account—which is either ready for print or that can be saved to a computer and sent electronically to an employer.

Career Navigator

The Career Navigator allows users to explore career options. Receive a “text box” of the significant information on an occupation while exploring the career options.

Users complete an online career survey, which helps define interests and abilities.

Based on the quiz results, job seekers receive a list of suggested occupations that best match their profiles. The list includes information on wage rates, future potential, and the skills and training required for the job.

Job-Search Internet Sites

Job-seekers are encouraged to regularly explore the following websites for employment opportunities:


To find out more about how Employment Manitoba assists Winnipeg-based employees and employers, please visit its website or contact one of two city-based service centres as follows:

Downtown Location (bilingual services available)
Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre
100 - 111 Lombard Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0T4

South Centre (bilingual service available)
1005 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, MB R2M 3S4

Employment and Training Inquiries: 204.945.0575 or 1.866.332.5077

New Immigrants Start Here: Manitoba Start

New immigrants to Winnipeg should seriously consider contacting Manitoba Start for assistance in settling in the city, especially those whose native tongue is not English. The dedicated staff at Manitoba Start are professionals who understand the needs of newcomers because many of them were immigrants who experienced for themselves the challenges of adjusting to life and finding sustainable employment in Canada.

Manitoba Start provides information and encourages newcomers to take advantage of Manitoba's immigrant employment and settlement services by determining which services meet clients’ personal needs upon arrival as they look for jobs or try to advance their careers. Manitoba Start also provides information and referral to orientation and language services to help you start your new life in Winnipeg, and the organization will register you for the employment program that best meets your needs.

Starting the Process


A Manitoba Start counsellor meets with you to collect information, so you can register at one place for Manitoba's free immigrant services.


Manitoba Start explores your personal situation and identifies the immediate needs of you and your family. A counsellor will discuss with you your readiness for employment and training based on the pre-arrival career planning you may or may not have undertaken.


The counsellor will tell you how to contact the settlement worker in your neighbourhood (and clarify any other services you may need).

Manitoba Start will register you for the ENTRY Program. ENTRY is a series of orientation classes for immigrants. You will have an opportunity to have your English language skills assessed, and you’ll learn about the many programs available to help you improve your English skills. Manitoba Start will then place you in an employment readiness workshop tailored to your pre-arrival plan and current needs and goals.

Using Manitoba Start

Manitoba Start is a drop-in service. No appointment is needed.

Manitoba Start's free programs and services are provided to new immigrants 18 years and older who are:

  • Provincial nominees (including spouses and adult children) who have received their MPNP letter of approval
  • Permanent residents or Canadian citizens born outside Canada
  • Refugees

Manitoba Start also serves immigrants who have been in Canada longer than one year but who have not yet used a Manitoba immigrant employment service.

To access orientation and language services, you must be a landed immigrant with a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN). When you visit Manitoba Start to register, bring one of these documents:

  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Record of Landing and Passport

To access Manitoba Start’s career planning and/or employment services bring one of these documents:

  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Record of Landing and Passport
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) Letter of Approval and Passport
  • Work Permit and Passport
  • Refugee Claim Document

Manitoba Start's Employment Programs

Manitoba Start's employment programs (called "workshops") involve meeting with a trained facilitator and other adult job-seekers five mornings or afternoons per week for two weeks, then following up on those training sessions with one-on-one counselling and assistance.

When clients first visit Manitoba Start, trained staff helps these newcomers identify the program that fits their current situation, their employment and education background and their English-language proficiency.

Programs offered include the following:


KickStart is for new immigrants aged 18 to 30 years seeking skilled or semi-skilled occupations in industries including trades (i.e., construction, plumber, electrician), accounting, information technology, engineering, nursing, tourism, customer service, administration and government services.


HeadStart workshops address the career needs of new immigrants who are 31 and older. Clients learn about the confidence and skills necessary to find a job matching their knowledge and experience, and they learn to manage long-term career goals so their full potential can be realized.


StartUp workshops are for new immigrants who want to work in a regulated profession or trade. The workshops help clients determine how to become licensed or certified, and they also assist with practical, financial and employment issues as the job search continues.


StrongStart is a full-time six-week training program that gives new immigrants aged 18 to 30 the employability and life skills needed to get a good job. The program also covers computer skills and workplace communication and culture, and it includes a two-week workplace placement.


JobStart workshops are four-week programs directed toward new immigrants who are looking for an entry-level job and who need help with long-term career planning. Participants receive one-on-one coaching and support from an employment specialist who helps clients find jobs matching available skills.


Manitoba Start introduced a new pilot youth program for the 2013/2014 schedule. It provides participants with 12 weeks (three months) of practical, hands-on work experience within high-demand occupations.

Job-Matching Unit

In collaboration with Winnipeg’s community-based employers, Manitoba Start’s job-matching unit identifies and seeks to fill numerous vacancies in entry-level, administrative, management and paraprofessional positions requiring specific skills and expertise. Job opportunities are added and updated on an ongoing basis.


To find out more about how Manitoba Start helps new immigrants settle and secure employment within Winnipeg, please visit its website or contact the organization as follows:

Manitoba Start
271 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2A8

Phone: 204.944.8833
Fax: 204.944.8787

Opportunities for Employment: Mature Worker Program

Opportunities for Employment is a not-for-profit corporation that provides employment assistance services in Winnipeg.

The Mature Worker Program is just one of the organization’s many initiatives. Its goal is to make a measurable contribution to the sustainable employment of job seekers over the age of 50. The program partners with job seekers from all industries and assists them in developing a progressive and action-oriented job search plan. Services include:

  • Resumé and cover letter development
  • One-on-one job coaching
  • Access to professional development workshops, direct job leads and referrals, and ongoing support

The Mature Worker Program is fully funded by the Manitoba government and offers its services at no cost. So if you are over 50 and ready to make your next career move, the experienced consultants at the Mature Worker Program can help.


Greg Gardner
Phone: 204.925.3594

Susan Jurkowski
Phone: 204.925.6891

Youth Employment Services

Youth Employment Services provides free, inclusive employment services for youth between 16 and 29 years of age.  Its purpose is to prepare youth in realizing their potential to become self-sufficient by securing meaningful employment. Services include:

  • Individualized resumé and cover letter development
  • One-on-one job search assistance
  • Mock interviews
  • Interview preparation
  • Workshops
  • Job postings (including volunteer and training opportunities)
  • Resource area with computer and Internet access for self-directed job searching


To find out more about how Youth Employment Services assists youth in securing employment, please visit its website or contact the organization as follows:

Youth Employment Services
614 – 294 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 0B9

Phone: 204.987.8661

Economic Development Winnipeg

Suite 810, One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3B 0X3

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