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Winnipeg is a transportation powerhouse and hub for the Canadian prairies. Located in the geographic centre of North America and the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor, Winnipeg is just 112 km (70 miles) from the U.S. border with access to a population of 100 million within a 24-hour drive.

Winnipeg is a tri-modal logistics hub (rail, air, and truck):

  • Winnipeg is the only major city between Thunder Bay and Vancouver with direct rail connections to the United States via three Class 1 carriers; CN, CP and BNSF.
  • Manitoba is a major hub for CN’s transcontinental rail network with key facilities such as the Symington classification yard and CN’s Claude Mongeau National Training Centre.
  • Winnipeg boasts Canada’s second highest number of dedicated cargo flights.
  • Manitoba is the home to seven of Canada’s top 100 for-hire trucking companies, including two of the top 10 trucking firms.

Winnipeg is home to CentrePort Canada, North America’s largest tri-modal inland port and the only trimodal inland port in Canada to provide foreign trade zone (FTZ) advantages. A brand-new Rail Park, which will occupy 665 acres at CentrePort Canada, will combine industrial infrastructure with excellent access to truck and rail.

Winnipeg has many advantages including:

  • Affordable industrial space
  • Affordable, renewable electricity
  • Centrally located

Manitoba has a mature logistics ecosystem that continues to grow:

  • Winnipeg CMA counts 6,849 transportation and distribution companies.
  • Transportation and Distribution sector’s contribution to Manitoba’s GDP is the highest contribution to a province’s GDP in Canada.
  • Manitoba’s Real GDP experienced strong growth in four large sub-sectors over 2013-2018:
    • Rail transportation - 67 per cent growth
    • Air transportation – 37 per cent growth
    • Farm Product Merchant Wholesalers - 25 per cent growth
    • Truck transportation - 22 per cent growth

Whether you are in the transportation industry, or you just need to ship products fast, your business can be successful and grow in Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg CMA is ideally positioned to be an e-commerce hub due to its central location, tri-modal logistics advantage, and affordable industrial space, at least 19% below other medium to large Canadian cities.

Winnipeg Success Stories

James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

James Armstrong Richardson International Airport is receiving a major federal investment to increase air cargo capacity and move Canadian goods to international markets more efficiently.

$30.4 Million / 2019

J&R Hall Transport Inc.

J&R Hall Transport Inc. is investing in a newly constructed 15,000 square foot transportation terminal at CentrePort Canada.

Lowry Manufacturing & Sales

Lowry Manufacturing & Sales is investing in a newly constructed 33,000 square foot industrial supply and distribution centre at CentrePort Canada.

Parian Logistics

Parian Logistics, an affiliate of Stern Partners, purchased a 427,000-square-foot office and distribution centre in Winnipeg.

Fast FactsSource: Statistics Canada; Today's Trucking, vol 33, no. 5, May 2019

  • $6.9B

    Transportation & Distribution Real GDP
    (Manitoba, 2018)

  • 41.5K

    Transportation & Distribution Employees
    (Winnipeg CMA, 2018)

  • 6,849

    Transportation & Distribution Business Establishments
    (Winnipeg CMA, 2018)

  • 2

    Top 10 for-hire carriers in Canada headquartered in Manitoba
    (Manitoba, 2019) 

  • $763M

    Real GDP - Rail Transportation
    (Manitoba 2018)

  • $373M

    Real GDP - Air Transportation
    (Manitoba, 2018)

  • $1.2B

    Real GDP - Truck Transportation
    (Manitoba, 2018)

  • $348M

    Real GDP - Farm Product Merchant Wholesalers
    (Manitoba, 2018)

Key Network

Centreport Canada

Parked at the intersection of key trade and transportation corridors heading in all directions, Winnipeg is home to CentrePort Canada. The only trimodal inland port in the country to provide foreign trade zone advantages, this 20,000-acre initiative expedites the movement of goods economically and efficiently to North American, Asian and European markets. Take a video tour of CentrePort Canada's 20,000-acre transportation hub, business parks, and investible properties.

Manitoba Trucking Association

The Manitoba Trucking Association is an advocacy group working on behalf of the trucking industry. Since 1932, it has worked to develop and maintain a safe and healthy business environment for its members.

Supply Chain Manitoba

Supply Chain Manitoba is a member of the Province of Manitoba Sector Council Program representing Transportation & Logistics, which dedicates to supporting individuals and organizations, to optimize their supply chains. It serves all aspects of the end-to-end supply chain, including sourcing, procurement, transportation, and warehousing.

Key Companies

Economic Development Winnipeg

Suite 810, One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3B 0X3

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