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Tourism Week: Celebrating the people and places that make Winnipeg special

Tourism Week: Celebrating the people and places that make Winnipeg special


May 20, 2021

Tourism Winnipeg and Economic Development Winnipeg have some tips on how people can support our local businesses, hotels and attractions

WINNIPEG, MB – A city filled with great local shops, awe-inspiring attractions and exciting events are vital to drawing visitors, but those same things are what Manitobans enjoy and love about Winnipeg all year long. We need to show our support now more than ever. 

In a normal year, Winnipeg attracts approximately 3.5 million visitors, resulting in an estimated $609 million in direct expenditures. This vital sector employs more than 48,000 people across 4,000 businesses in Winnipeg, resulting in $2.3 billion in GDP annually. Tourism is not only an important part of our economy, but it also helps preserve our local arts and culture, strengthens our community and adds to our quality of life. 

Tourism Week, May 23 – May 30 will be celebrated across the country and we have some ideas on how Manitobans can help boost our local tourism industry. 

“Tourism touches every aspect of our economy. When we support our local businesses, hotels, restaurants and attractions, we are stepping up to strengthen the very things that make this city so attractive. If we’re here for them now, they will be here for us once travel restrictions lift,” says Dayna Spiring, CEO and President of Economic Development Winnipeg.  

Tourism Winnipeg recently put together a video honouring those who went above and beyond for the tourism sector and our community during the pandemic. You can watch the video below.

"This is our love letter to the tourism industry. Winnipeggers have so much to discover and enjoy in their own backyard. It was a good time to recognize all the incredible people who are behind these businesses and what they add to our community. We want people to thank them by supporting them through this difficult time in any way they can,” adds Spiring. 

You can access footage and images of Winnipeg restaurants, shops and attractions here. Please courtesy Economic Development Winnipeg.

About Economic Development Winnipeg Inc.
Economic Development Winnipeg Inc. (EDW) is the city’s lead economic development agency and champion for local growth. We use expert analysis to highlight the Winnipeg Advantage and prove why we are the best place to live, work and visit.  Through the Tourism Winnipeg and YES! Winnipeg business development teams, EDW grows the local economy by attracting business, investment, events, meetings and people to our city. EDW is governed by a private-sector board and driven by the needs of the business community.


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