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Introducing Winnipeg: Made from what's real

Introducing Winnipeg: Made from what's real

Winnipeg—After more than two years of research, surveys and engaging Winnipeggers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, Economic Development Winnipeg is excited to launch, Winnipeg: Made from what’s real. This new place brand, created in partnership with Travel Manitoba, will be used to market our city to the world and attract more talent, investment and visitors to our city.  Our mission is to make Winnipeg matter to those most likely to love it here and instill community pride in those who call Winnipeg home. 

“There has always been a realness and sincerity to how Winnipeggers talk about this city and whether you visit here or live here, there is a great story to tell. What our research found is that Winnipeggers are proud of the ingenuity, creativity and industriousness of our city. We build exceptional things here, we invest in them, we protect them and we need to celebrate them,” says Dayna Spiring, President & CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg. 

A place brand can be used to tell a compelling story about a community through marketing campaigns and other promotional efforts, but at the end of the day, it’s about the very real and positive things we feel and know about ourselves as a community. Winnipeg: Made from what’s real genuinely reflects the passion and experiences of those who live here. 

“Since 2017, Travel Manitoba’s Place Brand program has been helping the lesser-known hidden gems of our province create a single brand that extends to all its offerings,” said Colin Ferguson, President and CEO of Travel Manitoba. “We’re thrilled that Winnipeg now has its own unique brand that will encourage Winnipeggers to become ambassadors for the city and draw visitors from other provinces and around the world to live, work and play.” 

We want to spark a new narrative for Winnipeg—less on what others say about us and more on why we take pride in our city. Starting today, Winnipeggers will see this brand rolled out in a campaign across movie theatres, television, digital and social media channels.  

Economic Development Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba worked with McKim.Sherpa to develop an overall creative approach to the new place brand.  We collaborated with community partners including the City of Winnipeg and used information from research, surveys, workshops and focus groups with Winnipeggers to create a brand that would truly resonate with the community.

We’re encouraging Winnipeggers to be ambassadors for our city here at home and abroad with some unique merchandise options created by local makers and companies, whose products reflect the vibe of this city and brand. 

“There are amazing stories made here and I want Winnipeggers to talk about them. I think about the entrepreneurship that comes from here, I think about the companies that are the best in the world at what they do, built here by people who were born here or came here and now call Winnipeg home. I think about the one-of-a-kind, world-class attractions and projects that draw attention and accolades from the likes of TIME magazine and the Intelligent Community Forum. Others see that Winnipeg is offering something special and we need to start talking like we deserve it, because we do,” adds Dayna Spiring. 

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