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2020 Investor Breakfast

Welcome to the Yes! Winnipeg 2020 Investor Breakfast! Please watch the recording of the event below:

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About this event

For the last five years, almost a hundred private sector businesses have invested in YES! Winnipeg (YW) and its vision to position the city as an ideal place to live, invest and grow. Thanks to their unwavering commitment, Winnipeg has been a hub of job creation, new business and economic growth. The 2020 Investor Breakfast marks the end of that five-year campaign, and we are proud to look back on YES! Winnipeg’s impacts on our city. 

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic shone a light on our resiliency as a nation, but has also exposed an unsettling reality: Canada was not on a path to a promising future where all Canadians have the opportunity to participate and thrive. To be a nation that is prepared for shifts in the workforce, economy and society, resetting our path requires bold action and innovative collaboration between all levels of government, businesses and communities. Deloitte’s Georgina Black, Managing Partner, Government and Public Services will discuss the actions Canada must take to stop our economy from settling back into its pre-pandemic path and, instead, create a better Canadian society for all as outlined in the company's report,  Catalyst: A vision for a thriving Canada in 2030.

The circumstances created by the pandemic in 2020 have undoubtedly changed our world. Despite your own unique challenges, you have continued to support our community through your resilience, creativity and collaboration – thank you. It is because of you that Winnipeg will continue to grow and build back stronger.

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