Bring It Home

Sachit Mehra

Sachit Mehra is a local entrepreneur and business owner.

"I wanted to bring this convention to Winnipeg to really highlight the diversity of Winnipeg and the exceptional pieces that we have here in Winnipeg. The reality is that we've got billions of dollars of an investment that have been done in our city on infrastructure and different event spaces that really make Winnipeg an inviting convention space, a really great place to host different kinds of events whether that's an event of 50 people or 500 people all the way up, as we can tell right now behind me, an event of thousands of people. People are very excited about Winnipeg. They love to see the restaurants that are happening downtown. They love to see some of our historic hotels. They're really enjoying the brand new Convention Center, the Human Rights Museum, the MTS Centre and all the cranes that are downtown with all the new construction.

What Winnipeg's always needed is some more cheerleaders. We've got the bones, we can see it. But what we really need is people that have those connections out there to go and tell other people that this is a great place to have this. Now it's the opportunity that we expose everything that Manitoba has to offer to the rest of Canada, and I think those people that have those influences, those connections and those discussions to make should certainly have those discussions. I certainly will."

Economic Development Winnipeg

Suite 810, One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3B 0X3

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