Advanced Manufacturing

Grow Better: OEM and Suppliers

Come build a future in Winnipeg. We’ve manufactured a solid reputation for producing high-value, well-designed and engineering-intensive goods for satisfied customers around the world. Advanced manufacturing includes original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) both large and small, as well as suppliers of components and specialized services. We’re also increasingly becoming a renowned centre for advanced materials like biofibre composites.

North America’s largest centre for bus manufacturing, Winnipeg is also known for building motor homes, fire engines, semi-trailers and storage tanks for agriculture and oil and gas. From precision machining and sheet-metal fabrication to kitchen cabinets, countertops and finely crafted furniture, Winnipeg manufacturers put quality first and build things to last. And they have a very stable system of suppliers and skilled workers supporting them.

With the tools to build your business and unparalleled distribution channels to transport goods, your company will grow better in Winnipeg.

Vital Stats

Winnipeg is one of North America’s most cost-competitive locations for manufacturing, supported by a highly skilled and hardworking labour force, among the lowest published electricity rates in North America, competitive manufacturing tax credits, the elimination of tariffs on the import of manufacturing inputs and a robust and cost-competitive transportation and logistics infrastructure.

Major manufacturing industries in Manitoba include food manufacturing, with 2013 revenues of $4.6 billion; machinery manufacturing, with revenues of $1.9 billion; transportation equipment manufacturing, with revenues of $2.2 billion; and chemical manufacturing, with revenues of $1.3 billion. 

Plastics, furniture, wood products, fabricated metal, printing, paper, electrical and computer equipment, and medical devices are also manufactured in Winnipeg, all with industry revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fast Facts

Large Manufacturers in Winnipeg (2014)
Company Industry Revenue ($ millions) Employees *
Cargill Limited Agricultural Products 9,368 8,039
New Flyer / Motor Coach Industries Vehicle Manufacturing 1,602 2,100*
MacDon Industries Ltd. Agricultural Equipment  n.a. 1,350
Winpak Ltd. Packaging 868.5 1,700
Boeing Canada, Winnipeg Aerospace 2,106 1,600*
Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg Aerospace n.a. 656
WGI Westman Group Inc. Building Products 454 30*
Buhler Industries Inc. Agricultural Equipment 325.5 770
Arctic Glacier Income Fund Food Manufacturing n.a. 1,100
Emergent  Biosolutions Biotech n.a. 350*
Ag Growth International Inc. Grain Handling 237 860
Pollard Holdings Limited Partnership Publishing n.a. 1,100
Empire Industries Ltd. Fabricated Steel 141 360
Granny's Poultry Cooperative (Manitoba) Food Manufacturing n.a. 490

Revenue and employment figures represent global operations for firms with global and/or Canadian headquarters in Winnipeg

*Total employees in Winnipeg