Partnerships Enable Success

Partnerships are critical to the success of Winnipeg's economic development efforts. These partnerships result in business attraction and sector development.

Consider Canada City Alliance

EDW continues its involvement and commitment to the national foreign direct investment (FDI) initiative, the Consider Canada City Alliance (CCCCA), a collective of 13 large cities promoting global trade and investment opportunities within Canada.

EDW and its CCCA partners participated in a foreign direct investment (FDI) mission to China in late March 2015. Cities visited were Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing. This was the CCCA’s third China mission, with the following sectors being targeted: advanced manufacturing, life sciences, ICT and agribusiness. EDW connected with 30 individual investor companies and several R&D institutes focused on food development and advanced materials.

EDW also took part in a CCCA foreign direct investment mission to Europe in November 2015, which targeted the cities of Rotterdam, Zurich and Stockholm. Once again, sectors of focus included advanced manufacturing, life sciences, ICT and agribusiness (e.g., agri-food processing). The mission resulted in 35 business-to-business meetings and multiple networking opportunities. EDW is presently following up with several firms interested in expanding their operations into Winnipeg.

Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region

EDW is actively pursuing a regional approach to economic development in collaboration with the Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region (PMCR). Working with regional municipalities and applicable stakeholders, the partnership’s efforts are focused on:

  • Competitiveness: For the region to grow economically, it must be able to establish a level playing field with other economic regions and must be well-positioned to capably compete thereafter.
  • Communication: Effective communication and stakeholder engagement can lead to significant opportunities that would otherwise be unachievable.
  • Partnerships: Alliances with government, arms-length governmental agencies, private-sector firms and not-for-profit entities can build on collective strengths, leading to a situation where the total is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Shared Prosperity: Thinking and acting as a region requires a noncompetitive environment in which the benefits of regional successes are enjoyed by all (i.e., a rising tide lifts all boats).

Industry Advisory Group - City of Winnipeg

EDW contributes to the Industry Advisory Group (IAG) established by the City of Winnipeg’s Department of Planning, Property and Development, which focuses on all facets of construction permits, policies and regulations. The IAG provides input to ensure that the city is aware of concerns, challenges or opportunities related to industrial, commercial and residential design, construction and facility management.

TekConvergence Functional Food Project

EDW and its partners in Kansas City, Missouri, and Monterrey, Mexico, continue to advance a series of functional food projects through the newly created not-for-profit entity TeKConvergence, housed within the Kansas City and Area Life Sciences Institute. EDW has continued to provide support for this initiative by helping formulate the business development model and marketing strategy for the project. EDW has also engaged the executive director of the Manitoba Agriculture Health Research Network (MAHRN) as the project progresses to the commercialization phase.

Capital Region Transportation Plan Working Group

EDW participates in the Capital Region Transportation Plan Working Group (CRTMP). This broad group of stakeholders includes representatives from the Winnipeg Airports Authority, CentrePort Canada, the City of Winnipeg, the Province of Manitoba and the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association. The CRTMP is reviewing transportation plans within the region, including Winnipeg, to formulate recommendations ensuring that strategic road infrastructure investments are made. EDW is providing input from the perspective of regional economic development and how regional transportation networks impact future growth.

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