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Do you need help expanding/locating your business in Winnipeg, or do you know of a business that does? Contact YES! Winnipeg personnel here. Let's work together to help Winnipeg’s economy expand.

YES! Winnipeg’s services are provided free of charge, thanks to the generous financial support of its investors.

Criteria for Engagement

YES! Winnipeg’s services are best-suited to clients with a clear understanding of the key decision triggers that must fall into place to move their project forward. YES! Winnipeg focuses on projects with a minimum of 10 new jobs at start-up and those that have progressed to a certain point in the business start-up planning process.

YES! Winnipeg never turns any business away; however, if its services aren’t the right fit, you will be connected to the many organizations available that help companies throughout every phase of their development.

YES! Winnipeg records a ‘success’ when at least one of two key conditions are met:

  • A client was considering opening or expanding business operations in the city, and the assistance provided by YES! Winnipeg made an important contribution to its decision to do so.
  • A client had already decided to open or expand in the city before being introduced to YES! Winnipeg; however, an obstacle was encountered that prevented the plan’s implementation, but with YES! Winnipeg's assistance it was overcome.

YES! Winnipeg’s Process

YES! Winnipeg works to understand key decision triggers determining whether, where and when existing or potential clients will launch job-creating projects. Once cleared to engage, the applicable individuals/organizations that can address key requisites are approached to ensure comprehensive, relevant support is provided.

YES! Winnipeg’s extensive private- and public-sector network brings world-class resources to its clients. YES! Winnipeg remains committed all the way through to a successful conclusion.

YES! Winnipeg’s services span eight areas:

  1. Winnipeg Data/Statistics - YES! Winnipeg can provide targeted, comparative data/presentations garnered from Economic Development Winnipeg’s market intelligence team. YES! Winnipeg will detail Winnipeg’s advantages for your business expansion or attraction project versus other jurisdictions. This includes understanding the key decision triggers impacting the ability to launch an operation here.
  2. Workforce - When local talent is required, YES! Winnipeg can connect you with post-secondary institutions, staffing firms, immigration entities and Indigenous agencies. Whatever your requirements for a skilled workforce, you'll receive assistance in sourcing and connecting with potential candidates.
  3. Suppliers - If the decision to set up or expand in Winnipeg is dependent upon securing critical strategic suppliers, YES! Winnipeg can facilitate these dialogues with its broad range of contacts.
  4. Customers - If launching or expanding in Winnipeg relies on securing a number of key clients, YES! Winnipeg can make crucial introductions.
  5. Real Estate/Location - YES! Winnipeg can assist in identifying suitable commercial real estate property or premises for your business needs. They do this by connecting you with commercial real estate partners and developers.
  6. Government Assistance Programs - YES! Winnipeg understands the pertinent programs that best align with your project (grants, tax credits, loans, etc.). They can make introductions within the applicable department to assess your eligibility and guide you through the application process.
  7. Financing and Investment Partners - YES! Winnipeg can connect you to a roster of individuals and firms that may provide potential funding and capital for your project.
  8. Navigating Government - YES! Winnipeg can connect you to the people and departments that will facilitate approvals for permits, licencing, etc.

Economic Development Winnipeg

Suite 810, One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3B 0X3

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