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YES! Winnipeg (YW) qualifies companies for service based on their potential to provide significant contributions to the local economy and value to Winnipeg’s quality of life. Evaluating factors include the creation of at least 10 jobs, dollar value of anticipated capital investment, annual payroll at maturity, location, ownership structure, local supplier base and disposable income spend.   

YW wants to support your growth and investment in our city. To determine if your company qualifies for our services, please contact our team 

How can we help? 

YES! Winnipeg’s services are provided free of charge, thanks to the generous financial support of our investors.

Talent attraction & retention
YES! Winnipeg's talent team can provide advice, contacts and key resources to help you fill jobs and grow your business. Our services help you attract and retain top talent, and sell your preferred candidates on the advantages of a career in Winnipeg, plus high quality of life our city has to offer.

Issue management
When issues arise, YES! Winnipeg can help. Whether your concerns relate to government, private sector, utilities or other, our team provides timely, objective advice and connects you to the right contacts to resolve your issues.

Site selection
Whether you are investing, expanding or launching in Winnipeg, YES! Winnipeg can help you find the ideal real estate for your project. Our combination of local knowledge, commercial realtor partnerships and market intelligence works to help you select the best site for your company.

Supplier identification
YES! Winnipeg provides access to a broad network of top local suppliers and facilitates connections to new suppliers. We help you source local commercial products and services to create a strong local economy.

Government program navigation
Our jurisdiction offers valuable government programs to support your business. Whether you’re a new investor or a growing company, we help identify which programs align with your needs. We work closely with federal, provincial and municipal partners; let us help you navigate programs quickly and effectively to save precious time.

Qualified contacts
YES! Winnipeg maintains an extensive network of local business leaders and government officials. When time is of the essence and you’re not sure who to call, let us introduce you to the right person who can assist.

Why Winnipeg
YES! leads the city in selling Winnipeg to the world and has deep knowledge of its competitive advantages. When you are selling Winnipeg to a buyer, investor, supplier or partner, ask the experts at YES! Winnipeg. Let’s work together to leverage our assets and intelligence to help you make the best pitch possible.

“We’re all doing business in Winnipeg because we appreciate the unique value proposition this city offers our companies. Whether it’s the talent we have in this city, the comparatively low operating costs we enjoy, or the easy access to markets we’ve got—or a host of other benefits that set us apart—Winnipeg deserves attention. And YES! Winnipeg is helping to make sure this is happening.”
Doug Harvey - President, Maxim Truck & Trailer and Chair, YES! Winnipeg Investor Council

Economic Development Winnipeg

Suite 810, One Lombard Place
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3B 0X3

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