Key Industries

Life Sciences

Winnipeg is a remarkable centre of discovery where biotechnology, agriculture and medical technology converge. We are the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing centre in Western Canada. Manitoba is home to 38 life sciences research & development centres, including the Winnipeg-based Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health, which is the only Level 4 bio-containment lab in the country.  

Our cannabis processing industry is expanding with the development of a 120,000 sq. ft. cannabis cultivation facility and a 51,000 sq. ft. cannabis edibles processing facility. 

Life sciences companies and organizations grow stronger in Winnipeg because of our:

  • central location:  North America’s geographic centre with the continent’s largest trimodal inland port
  • low-cost renewable electricity:  among the lowest published electricity rates in North America
  • R&D tax credits:  best-in-country provincial top-up credit through the Scientific Research & Experimental Development Credit
  • highly educated labour force:  1,100+ graduates from 62 post-secondary programs in Life Sciences (2019)

Winnipeg Success Stories

Cerebra Health

Cerebra Health will be developing its new Prodigy Sleep System™ and further advancing its digital sleep analysis software, as well as mySleepStudy®, a soon to be released home sleep study service.[1]

$3.2 million / 2020

Kane Biotech Inc.

Kane Biotech Inc. is receiving repayable funding to commercialize a wound gel treatment for the human health market.[2]

Up to $3.8 million / 2019

Edibles & Infusions

Vancouver-based AgraFlora International Inc. is  partnering with a Winnipeg confectionery company in a joint venture called Edibles & Infusion. A retrofitted 51,000-sq.ft. building will create significant production capacity for the upcoming edibles market.[4]

close to $15 million / 2019

  1. Cerebra Health Inc. completes a $3.2 million private financing, Bioscience Association Manitoba, 2020
  2. Bioscience Association Manitoba, Cerebra Health, Kane Biotech Inc. and Manitoba Technology Accelerator receive funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada, Bioscience Association Manitoba, 2019
  3. Merit Functional Foods Expanding Production Capacity Arranges $85 Million Debt Financing Package, Burcon, 2020
  4. Cannabis edibles facility being built in Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, 2019

Fast FactsSource: Statistics Canada 

  • $1.4B

    Manitoba, Life Science, Real GDP, 2018 (Billions)

  • 2,000

    Winnipeg CMA, Life Sciences Employee Counts, 2018

  • 523

    Winnipeg CMA, Life Sciences, Business Establishments, 2018

  • $284.5M

    Winnipeg CMA, Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, Real GDP, 2018 (millions)

Key Network

Bioscience Association Manitoba

Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM) supports 110 members across the province, ranging from agricultural biotechnology to health biotechnology to cleantech biotechnology. BAM helps members connect with key stakeholders and government officials by encouraging innovative partnerships.

Key Companies

Economic Development Winnipeg

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