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Economic Development Winnipeg Inc. Launches Three Short Videos to Help Attract Investment and Skilled Workers to Winnipeg

January 25, 2016: Winnipeg, MB – Economic Development Winnipeg Inc. (EDW) officially launched three new videos today, collectively known as the Winnipeg: Alive with Opportunity series. Hosted by Mayor Brian Bowman, each short video in this series features the mayor talking about what makes Winnipeg a smart place to invest and a compelling choice for skilled workers. The three videos are entitled Top Reasons to Invest, Make Your Move and Rediscover Your City. They will be marketed to a variety of external and local audiences, with the goal of generating foreign direct investment and urging skilled workers to either move to or stay in Winnipeg.

“Winnipeg is a growing, thriving and diverse city,” said Mayor Brian Bowman. “There are great reasons to live, stay and invest in our city, and we need to continue spreading the word. If you’re a potential investor or someone contemplating a move, Winnipeg should be on your radar as a place that offers a great place to invest as well as diverse career options and an excellent quality of life.”

The Top Reasons to Invest video speaks directly to those looking to expand their businesses, invest their money or launch new ideas. Core benefits like Winnipeg’s low operating costs, its energy advantage, its transportation and distribution options, and its workforce are reinforced with relevant statistics designed to tip the scales in the city’s favour. Did you know KPMG’s most recent Competitive Alternatives study determined that Winnipeg has the lowest business costs in Western Canada—and that they’re lower than every U.S. city among municipalities surveyed? Or that Winnipeg is one of only two Canadian cities with three Class 1 railways and is also home to CentrePort Canada, the country’s only trimodal inland port?

Shot on location at The Forks and the Journey to Churchill exhibit at Assiniboine Park Zoo, Make Your Move and Rediscover Your City are teeming with terrific things to see and do in Winnipeg, complemented by select points celebrating the city’s strong economic momentum. Businesses can’t succeed without dedicated personnel, and informing skilled workers about Winnipeg’s unique differentiators is an important aspect of its overall value proposition. From professional sports franchises and world-class galleries and museums to internationally renowned music, theatre and cultural festivals, Winnipeg strikes an ideal balance between employment and enjoyment opportunities.    

“The messages punctuating these videos are essential to economic development in Winnipeg over both the short and long term,” said Marina R. James, president and CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg Inc. “We can all appreciate why investment dollars matter to an economy like ours, and that savvy investors weigh various factors when assessing the likelihood of positive returns. But perhaps more than ever before, growing a business today means having ready access to skilled, productive employees. Loyal and engaged workers are valuable contributors to a company’s lasting success, and I want professionals employed in multiple sectors, here and elsewhere, to know one thing above all: Winnipeg is alive with opportunity, and we welcome the chance to prove it.”

All three videos have been uploaded to EDW’s website and YouTube channel. As well, representatives from EDW and its YES! Winnipeg initiative will share the Top Reasons to Invest video with potential clients considering a local investment, and it now features prominently in an ongoing EDW-produced Google AdWords campaign launched late last year that focuses on attracting foreign investment from U.S.-based firms.    

Each video in the Winnipeg: Alive with Opportunity series can be viewed here:


About Economic Development Winnipeg Inc.
Economic Development Winnipeg Inc. (EDW) is the lead economic development agency for Winnipeg. EDW facilitates investment promotion and attraction, capacity building, tourism development, marketing and communications, and the management of market information. By applying competitive intelligence and by fostering relationships with industry leaders, government officials and community stakeholders, potential opportunities and innovation drivers are evaluated to develop key industries and define future economic growth. EDW supports targeted sector, community and social development, and promotes Winnipeg’s diverse economy and high quality of life.

EDW leads global investment attraction, and local business retention and expansion, with its YES! Winnipeg initiative. YES! Winnipeg’s business development team assists in the creation and retention of jobs, identifies opportunities that attract new investment, focuses on expansion and helps local entrepreneurs launch new commercial ventures.

Tourism Winnipeg is the city’s official destination marketing organization tasked with increasing visitation and delivering the best possible visitor experience. A division of Economic Development Winnipeg Inc., Tourism Winnipeg’s mission is to facilitate a healthy, prosperous, responsible and fully integrated tourism industry that enhances Winnipeg’s economic growth through the acquisition of meetings, conventions, sports and events, group travel and leisure tourism.

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