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Economic Development Winnipeg can assist in bringing your next business event to Winnipeg by:

Defining The Value Proposition – We will work with you to determine why you and/or your local organization are uniquely positioned to advocate for Winnipeg to host your next national or international event.

Understanding The Opportunity – We will work with your national association or corporate office to understand the opportunity, scope, timing, and steps required to get an event to come home to Winnipeg.

Preparing The Proposal – We will prepare a tailored letter of interest and/or bid package to articulate to your national organization why Winnipeg is the ideal destination for your business event.

Presenting Venue Options – We will distribute your business event specifications to venues and facilities across the city, to determine availability and rates.

Hosting A Site Visit – We will coordinate and support a tailored site visit for decision makers to experience the city firsthand.

Recommending Suppliers – We will connect you with Winnipeg’s savvy meeting and convention planners and other service providers, who can help ensure your event is a success.

Producing Marketing Support – We will provide marketing materials for your delegates, including print materials, videos, web links, and customized tour itineraries.

Discussing Financial Incentives – We will help determine whether your event meets the City of Winnipeg’s Special Event Tourism Fund eligibility, which may provide financial support.

Recommend Winnipeg to your peers, colleagues, and associates. Bring your next business event home to Winnipeg!

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